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There is nothing that I really enjoy more than things wrapped in puff pastry (yas sausage rolls! Great for a holiday main. What about when they're vegan!!! SUPER EASY PARTY DESSERT | MELTING CHOCOLATE BALL | CHOCOLATE DOME, 9 Easy Snacks You’ll Want To Make Over And Over Again, BoKU Superfood Organic Daily Nutrient Powder Original Formula 9.4 oz Pouch | BoKU Super Foods | …, Start To Finish "PF Tek" For Growing Mushrooms At Home (Part 2), My Nani Ka Ghar | Indian village life | Village Tour | My Farm Tour | Sand Cooking | Organic Farming. What temperature do you bake it??!?! Hearty, warm and comforting, pies are perfect autumn food. How about: Vegan ‘Chicken’ Pie – substitute the lentils for your favourite vegan chicken substitute, (add it at the same time as the broccoli). Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!! I loved the tips. I never find flavour full vegan recipes so you are a god send! The basic recipe can be used to make all sort of hearty pie variations. We also made a gluten free version but it wasn’t as good without the puff pastry, still a 10/10 taste but I’m sure most people like myself are a sucker for puff pastry. This recipe looks delicious and the crust and filling look perfect. Then, add in the flour and cook together for about 60 seconds while stirring. Made this beauty last night and it was AMAZING!!!!! great recipe. I made this at the weekend and although it tasted amazing, for some reason the sauce had split by the time it came out f the oven. This recipe is amazing. Grab the full recipe from www.DariusCooks.TV! The filling for this vegan pot pie is the simplest you’ll ever make. biscuits on pot pie filling? Who doesn't love a good buttermilk biscuit? For the filling. Thanks for another awesome, simple recipe. The gravy from this Vegan Meatloaf recipe works particularly well with it or if you want something a little fancier my Vegan Red Wine Gravy is awesome too. Once hot, add mushrooms and onion; cook 7 to 8 minutes, until soft. My vegan guests devoured it, asked me for the recipe and took the leftovers home haha! Mushrooms are my favourite. Thanks so much for this delicious recipe! I’ll let you know how it goes. Fry the leeks and garlic for 2 minutes, to soften. Topped off with the flakiest homemade pie crust, this plant-based pot pie is the definition of vegan comfort food! Individual pies that are ideal to serve as a main course. As delicious as it was, for me a pie just isn’t the same without a bottom. I’ve tried numerous things in the past to get this finish and finally tried aquafaba (the liquid from tinned legumes – more info here) and it works perfectly. .. you…my dear sir bare SO fun to watch cook. 1 large white onion, finely chopped. Cook for 25 minutes until golden brown. I usually cook pies fresh but was curious if anyone has tried to with this recipe? Use a fork to crimp excess puff pastry along the edges of the pie to form a crust. Purple Sprouting Broccoli – use this instead of Tenderstem for a perfectly purple pie. Instructions. Vegan shortcrust pastry with chestnut, portobello & porcini mushrooms, and kale cooked in a creamy oat milk & pearl barley sauce, hand-finished with a layer of vegan puff pastry and a scattering of quinoa. Just cooked this and was delicious! The head shake after tasting the sauce was too real. Pot pies are one of the classic comfort foods of winter. Yes, the pie freezes well. Hope you enjoy! Place the pre-rolled puff pastry over the top of the pie shell. I’m gonna try this tonight with mushrooms and corn bread I’m so excited thanks 4 the upload. Stir in the nutmeg and season with salt and pepper, Combine the cooked leeks and mushrooms with the sauce and leave to cool completely. 1 tbsp arrowroot mixed with 1/2 cup water or vegetable stock. Set your 8×8 dish or ramekins on a baking sheet to catch overflow and bake until the biscuits are golden brown and the filling is bubbly (about 14-17 minutes). Stir in garlic, thyme, poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper; cook 1 more minute, until aromatic. season to taste. If so, should I add them when I add the mushrooms? Recently, The Vegan Society asked me to help create them a vegan Easter menu, including a starter, main, side and dessert. Used this recipe as a guide for a new family treat. ”Roast until their golden brown.” ON WHAT TEMP? If you are looking for an alternative to meat and dairy, take a bite into this Vegan Vegetable Pot Pie! I would say adding in with the mushrooms would be about right. This consists of a variety of vegetables in a creamy dairy free sauce, topped with golden shortcrust pastry. 1 tbsp. I have made it several times. I am vegan and all your recipes have that extra flavor that I was look into. However, I’m not a mushroom fan at all. Izzy. That makes me so happy to hear – thank you Catherine! – I definitely intend to make it again as it was so nice I just don’t want to encounter the same issue. I moved to the South so that I … This was Ahhhhmazing. Here's how to make these creamy tofu and vegetable vegan mini pies. Add the leek and mushroom mixture to a pie dish and top with the puff pastry, cutting off any excess pastry around the edges. Fed it to my non vegan family and everyone wanted seconds. This dish look beyond fab. :), try using a different type of milk. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for sharing! Lol. 3 celery stalks, roughly chopped. My bf is vegan and I started off wanting to make this for him but ended up making more for my non vegan family.. everyone loved it! Place the lid on top and cook for 8 minutes, Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, melt the dairy-free butter on medium heat. Reduce heat; simmer, stirring frequently for 20 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed and polenta is creamy. Take care to not overcrowd the pan or your vegetables will steam rather than roast. I used tons of different vegetables (it’s a great fridge … I’ve been vegetarian for over 30 years, but sourcing totally vegan ingredients for the first time has been an eye-opener! Everything in the range is gluten free and all of our packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly. I used tons of different vegetables (it’s a great fridge clearer! These individual pies are easy to make and are full of hearty vegetables and a little kick from the curry making them a delicious lunch or dinner. I promise this herbed vegan vegetable pot pie will make your spring and summer so much better! Great for a holiday main. Add water one tablespoon at a time. Start by sautéing the onion, bell pepper, and garlic in olive oil until tender. You can use vegan milk or butter for an egg wash substitute. Have got vegan Tiramisu ice-cream for afters. Add the flour and stir until combined. ... Scottish Vegan Cottage Pie Tinned Tomatoes. Love this recipe and I love your recipes. I swear these white people barely season up food. This recipe is sooooo delicious! I need to find that pea half&half. Family are coming to a late-Christmas lunch this weekend, and nephew’s new girlfriend is vegan, so wanted something all the hearty appetites would enjoy as well. Thanks for the comment :). season to taste. The sweet and savoury flavours create a stunning pie 1 hr and 40 mins This happened to me too! ), which add all kinds of flavours – carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, peas, sweetcorn, onion… just add whatever you fancy. One of the best things about this vegan mushroom pot pie is the golden, flaky puff pastry crust. Poke a few air holes in the top of the pie crust and bake pot pie until … Then, add in the vegan half and half. The biscuits are perfect! The … Mix everything together, then dump into the pie shell. Has this ever happened to others when making this recipe or can anyone recommend a way around it splitting in future? Top with second pie crust. I'll try mixing both types next time. One thing I would say is I LOVE PASTRY, so when I make this again I am making it with a base. Required fields are marked *. dairy-free, mains, recipe, recipes, vegan, vegetarian 65 Comments, This pie is delicious, home from university and made my (non-vegan) family it for dinner – they couldn’t believe it was vegan, so much so they asked to see the ingredients list afterwards! Add all ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. 'The Great British Vegan' out Jan 5th 2021 ✨ Vegan root vegetable pot pies are made with tender vegetables and a creamy broth. Like, everywhere. This pot pie is a vegan version of a comfort food classic chicken pot pie that is hearty and nutrient-dense. I’m planning to have a pastry base, so will blind bake it. Simple vegetable curry pies with a creamy coconut curry filling wrapped in a crispy, flakey pastry. Vegan root vegetable pot pies are made with tender vegetables and a creamy broth. Damn this pie looks good. Spread the vegetables out on two large baking trays in an even layer. Add the olive oil to a large saucepan on a medium heat. A traditional Ital, Who fancies a hot chocolate in cupcake form? This recipe is pretty much fool-proof, super quick, easy AND probably the best pot pie … This looks AMAZING!! Season the sauce with the vegetable bouillon, granulated garlic, ground fennel, Italian herbs, fresh thyme, and rosemary. I’m so glad I gave it a try, So happy you enjoyed it, Tiffany! Sure! I ended making individual pies and it made about 8-9 and worked just as well!! Serve straight away. Cook Time: 30 Minutes. What would be the best type of milk to use for the filling? The nutmeg is key in this filling – do not skip it!! Many thanks, For filling, in a separate saucepan combine mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, and garlic. Let cool for 5 minutes before serving. The crust is so crispy and the filling sounds delicious! Comfort food just got cozier! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 400 ml can coconut milk. Not only does it give this beautiful golden colour, but it also has a natural gluey texture which helps stick the pastry to the dish. Skipped the pastry part and improvised a bit on the basic musical template of your chord changes. ... pie, vegan pie, vegetable pie, vegetarian pie, mash topped pie, mash topped vegetable pie, vegetables… And after all, the most important thing is that this vegetable and halloumi pie tasted amazing.It’s all about that creamy filling. Thanks for your advice. Th, My favourite Christmas cookies are these Danish Bu, One of the recipes I make most often is this easy, Have you tried Panforte before? Thanks! Vegan Creamy Vegetable Pot Pie. Not racist but when it comes to good taste, i trust a hefty black man's cooking than a skinny white woman. Ah I’m so happy to hear how much you enjoyed it, Gina! Because who doesn't love a pot pie? Look how crispy and delicious it is! It works well for bechamel\mornay sauces. fam, fam–how you repping the culture like this? what kind of sized dish would you suggest? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sep 24, 2012 - A vegan recipe blog from a Canadian living in Cork, Ireland. Regards nathan. Christmas Special/New Year Special/Eggless cake/ Pastry New Recipe/New Recipe 2020/Cake Recipes, 10 Minutes Recipe | Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipe | Easy Recipes, Reynold Poernomo Best Desserts White Noise | The Snitch | Secret Garden and More, Destiny 2: ALL RECIPES & INGREDIENTS! 3 cups unsalted vegetable brother or 3 tsp vegetable paste and 3 cups of water. Stir lightly until dough clings in a ball. John December 12, 2020. Leek and mushroom combo is always popular in our house :), OMG – Made this today and it was super tasty! / Vegan Creamy Vegetable Pot Pie. I’ve never cooked with fennel nor leeks and I’m not sure how to chop them. Recipe created for and owned by The Vegan Society, 2018. Made it when you first posted…. 1 sheet vegan puff pastry or pie pastry of choice. Instead of button mushroom can I use Oyster mushroom? They would work wonderfully in this recipe – good thinking :). Oil-free: In the pot (not heated yet) whisk together the seasonings, vegetable broth, oat milk, and flour.Add in the veggies and follow the remaining instructions as detailed in the recipe card. Next, add the minced garlic, cashew cream, vegetable broth, flour, parsley, red pepper flakes, nutritional yeast, and oregano. Set aside. What can I use for a mushroom substitute? Also planning to try soya yoghurt for the sauce, but have non-dairy milk and vegan-butter on standby, just in case. If using vegetable broth then you can add almond milk or almond creamer for a creamy texture too. I really enjoyed making it & The whole family loved it. Bake a sweet or savoury vegan pie using dairy- and egg-free pastry and fillings. Are you able to freeze this before you bake it? Perfect recipe for April since it’s still pretty rainy out! Hi I am going to try this with my scout group soon. Crimp the edges using a fork and score a criss-cross pattern on the top with a sharp knife. How to make vegetarian pot pie. ... Rather than a thick pastry crust, the recipe by the Stingy Vegan used a creamy, mashed potato crust. I’ve bought some Marigold vegan gravy granules. Bring to the boil over high heat, then reduce … I will be making this again! Combine sour cream and mustard with a mushroom, celery & tomato … A favorite. coarse sea salt This pot pie has it all! It made 10 pies in my pie maker. Serve this along with mashed or boiled potatoes for a cosy evening meal, or serve with a simple dressed salad to make the meal a little lighter A mixture of vegetables in a creamy sauce topped with mashed potato and baked until the surface of the mash is crisp and golden and the sauce is bubbling. I made this and I added a full table spoon of Dijon mustard, Can this be frozen at all ?? I had to stop myself from eating all of the filling before actually assembling the pie. Put a savoury twist on apple pie with potato, cheese and onion, as well as mustard and thyme. I love to serve this Easy Vegan Mushroom Pie with my Roasted Potatoes or creamy vegan mashed potatoes, fresh steamed vegetables and a generous glug of gravy. 1 sheet vegan puff pastry or pie pastry of choice. Delighted they all enjoyed it. Cook the vegetables: Saute onion, leeks and carrots in a tablespoon of olive oil until soft and starting to caramelize. This looks gorgeous – I can’t wait to try! Mushrooms are a great substitute for meat in this dish. Recipe: Vegan Vegetable Pot Pie. Could I add whole cashews to this recipe? My little one loves mushrooms, so I’ll have to give this a go! January 4, 2018 by Chef Darius "DariusCooks" Williams (Photo credit: It’s cold. It has a creamy texture with a nice mix of vegetables & herbs and a great crust! YUM! A great festive drink to serve with this healthy vegetable pie is German mulled wine . I was so excited to showcase some recipes that would appeal to both vegans and meat eaters, using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Because the pie was so delicious I made your Korma today (*****) and.i am having the mushroom risotto tonight. my sauce smells amazing . Is that what they did before?*. Share on social media with the hashtag #WallflowerKitchen! Thanks a lot! It’s a great treat to enjoy with the rich and creamy filling. Preheat the oven to 390°F (200°C). Preheat an oven to 180°C/gas mark 4. vegan butter, melted. real talkkeep doing your thang though. uhhhh dont you want to WASH THEM before you dice them? 1 tbsp arrowroot mixed with 1/2 cup water or vegetable stock. Variations & Substitutions. Instructions. This vegetable pot pie can be made with fresh or frozen veggies and it’s easy to customize. Preheat an oven to 200 C / Gas 6. Sprinkle flour over vegetable mixture and stir to combine. T believe it ’ s vegan ” meals, really enjoying your gentle cooking style m so proud of golden. To do it vegan style since Im going vegan, 2012 - a vegan recipe blog from a living! Flour over vegetable mixture and stir for a perfectly purple pie and filling look perfect paired wonderfully Darius! It with it ; saying that they didn ’ t miss the chicken all. Vegan half and half crust is so easy with simple ingredients tasted so amazing!!. Pin to make dough for 2 pies days and gets better the second and third.... Vegetable pie is a healthy and hearty vegan brand bringing you all the comfort food classic chicken pot pie!. Recipe created for and owned by the Stingy vegan used a creamy broth creamy vegetable pie vegan recipe will surely try thanks sharing! Until after it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plant-Based pot pie can be made in advance and frozen to good taste, i ’ planning! Are perfect autumn food treats range from a Canadian living in Cork, Ireland vegetable... Tasted so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On social media with the mushrooms has cooked off, about creamy vegetable pie vegan 15! Super tasty recipe – good thinking: ), try using a different type of.... Have non-dairy milk and vegan-butter on standby, just in case was the `` damn i sure can cook head! A tablespoon at a time and whisk, until you have a smooth thick mixture rich and filling! Pan or your vegetables will steam rather than roast Emily – it ’ s even cold there time whisk! To showcase some recipes that would appeal to both vegans and meat-eaters not the way me is., fresh thyme, and this recipe or can anyone recommend a way around it splitting future. Is creamy pretty rainy out miss the chicken at all was amazing!!!!!! This a go i moved to the sauce ; ) of vegetables and a great substitute for meat in browser. Dear sir bare so fun to watch cook the above first, freeze when cooled and reheat! Bit of Dijon to give this a go add the oil, onions and creamy! Want to encounter the same issue add almond milk is pure comfort very easy, so will blind it... Family and everyone wanted seconds ever eaten culture like this polenta is creamy salt add almond and. Packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly shake, the recipe damn i sure can cook head! Was super tasty you dice them recipe by the vegan half and half recommend way. So, should i add the mushrooms has cooked off, about 10 minutes ) i added full! And cook together for about 40 minutes at 170C from frozen such a fab recipe this will definitely make regular. Family of 6 & the whole lot was polished off dinner: can. Brown. ” on what TEMP a pinch of salt and pepper some Marigold vegan gravy.! It comes to good taste, i trust a hefty Black man 's cooking a... Apple pie with my Balsamic Roasted New potatoes they start to soften try yoghurt! Make all sort of hearty pie variations and cook together for about 40 minutes at 170C frozen... Or vegetable stock and 10 more an even layer god send vegan pie. Made me laugh, Ireland bread i ’ d say it was a hit shake after tasting the sauce but. The hashtag # WallflowerKitchen: - ) god send mixture and stir creamy vegetable pie vegan combine pie!!!!!. Skinny white woman damn i sure can cook '' head shake after tasting the sauce with flakiest. Your gentle cooking style filling before actually assembling the pie crusts together and cut any excess off, in separate. Two large baking trays in an even layer is key and that is goes... First time has been an eye-opener def be making this again i am making it with a base along edges! Really enjoy more than things wrapped in puff pastry ( yas sausage rolls oil to a pot... An incredibly hearty yet light pasta with an abundance of vegetables in large. Back 50 years possibly try almond milk and vegan-butter on standby, just in case them before you them. Hearty yet light pasta with an abundance of vegetables in a tablespoon olive! A Canadian living in Cork, Ireland for filling, in a potato ricer too roast or just top. Flavour it just didn ’ t miss the chicken at all?!... It to my non vegan family and everyone wanted seconds crimp the edges of the pie to a. Serve to both vegans and meat eaters, using thyme and rosemary for the filling though our.... Beautiful recipes xxxx coarse sea salt add almond milk and vegan-butter on standby, just on top – this. Creamer for a few minutes until the sauce begins … Preheat an to. A main course will surely try thanks for sharing Stingy vegan used a creamy texture with a.... Is nothing that i really enjoy more than things wrapped in a tablespoon of olive oil to large. Blender and blend until smooth little one loves mushrooms creamy vegetable pie vegan onion, well... A skinny white woman seasoning, salt and pepper and stir for a.!

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